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What should you bring?




According to the PRSSA website, gathering material is the most challenging aspect of putting together a good portfolio. The best advice in this regard is - keep everything! You can decide later what to include.
Organizing "press kit" portfolios will allow you to either send them to employers or leave them with interviewers. Again, be considerate of their time. In your press kit portfolio you do not need to include everything that you wrote while in college, just the most outstanding piece that screams with talent. This will impress the employer more than a large portfolio that appears time-consuming.

A good portfolio:

  • Must include a writing sample—if you must, use an academic writing sample and clearly mark it as such.
  • Includes a brochure, newsletter or copy of a website that illustrates desk-top publishing or technical skills.
  • Is organized and free of typos. Even if it is outstanding, a typo will jump off the page.
  • Is clearly labeled with your name, address and phone.
  • Highlights what you would most like to be doing in the future.
  • Is representative of your skills.
  • Provides the employer with a good mix of your skills and talents.