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Why join?

Why Join PRSSA?
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Why Join PRSSA?

As the preeminent pre-professional organization for students of public relations,
PRSSA offers its members numerous opportunities to develop professional and personal skill sets.


Join the Buff State Chapter for three reasons:



YOUR Future Career!



Meet and mingle with other students looking for jobs, professionals offering tips, or employers looking for you to be the newest addition to their PR Department!

  • Membership can link you up on a more friendly level with the same people you’ve met in class.
  • Membership offers the opportunity to attend events held by the Buffalo-Niagara Chapter of PRSA and meet the very professionals who have walked your shoes and are now working public relations around Buffalo...the same people who may soon be reading your resumes!
  • Membership gives you unlimited resources when it comes to being familiar with the public relations industry.  With access to insider news, industry newsletters, professional advice, and thorough websites, membership can lead to a positive out-of-class experience.
  • Membership can give you inside knowledge about several on-and-off-campus events where you can meet and interact with other people interested in the PR industry.
  • Membership offers the opportunity to attend the National Conference where PRSSA chapters from colleges around the country bring ideas together to help students make it through the field of PR.
  • Membership offers a leadership role at the National Assembly where high-level decision-making and policy-scripting for the entire national PRSSA organization is carried out.
  • Membership offers the chance to travel with the group to Regional Activities where other schools host seminars that are intended to be fun and exciting while still educational.  The Buff State Chapter may soon host a regional activity for other chapters.
  • Membership can put you in contact with other PRSSA chapters from local colleges including Canisius, UB, St. Bonaventure, and Fredonia.
  • Membership gives the ability to apply for $20,000 worth of scholarships a year that are given exclusively to PRSSA members.



Learn how to do things, and do them well! 

  • Membership offers you a chance to get involved in the planning stages of various events, promotions, and activities that the organization sponsors.
  • Membership gives you a chance to publish articles for the newsletter, create additions for the website, or put your information out to the group in several other ways.
  • Membership creates the opportunity to get involved with the student-run firm which implements full-scale public relations campaigns for specific clients who need it.  In the past few years, the Buff State Chapter has begun campaigns for Students for Peace (a new organization on campus) and the Buffalo Blue Bike campaign (a new business in the city).
  • Membership gives you great abilities to create, update, or enhance your resume, cover letter, portfolio, or any other tools needed to get the job after college.
  • Membership gives you the ability to be elected to the Executive Board and attain the responsibilities and accomplishments that a fancy title like President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Coordinator, or Editor can add to any resume.


             Jobs in the Public Relations Industry

PRSSA can prepare you for a broad career in many different fields...

  • Membership gives you first hand accounts of how to make it into the PR industry.
  • Membership gives you the ability to search for jobs made exclusively available to PRSA/PRSSA members through their respective websites.
  • Membership will prepare you for an exciting PR career in almost any field you could imagine...
  • Advertising

    Community Relations

    Consumer Relations

    Corporate Public Relations

    Crisis Communication

    Donor Relations

    Educational Public Relations

    Employee Relations/Human Resources

    Events Management

    Financial Public Relations


    Government Public Affairs

    Health Care Public Relations

    International Public Relations

    Investor Relations

    Issues Management



    Media Relations

    Public Affairs


    Nongovernmental Organizations' Governmental Relations

    Nonprofit Organizations

    Political Public Relations

    Public Relations Firms

    Real Estate Marketing


    Sports Public Relations/Sports Information